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Xavier Vila i Espinosa
- Born on May 19th of 1976.
- Civil statel: Married.
- Based in Barcelona. (Spain)

Driving license
- B.

Xavi Vila


-Telecommunications Technical Engineering - Especialty Telematics with Specialization Diploma in Networks and Services awarded by  Politechnic University of Mataró (EUPM); UPC center. Studies finished February 1999. EPMT
- EuroEngineer (Eur Ing) by Feani. Nº 32490. (2013)
- Postgrade of specialization in Technical Audit and Computer Forensics at Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Distance learning. Year 2007. UOC
- Postgrade in Oriental Asia: Japan Economy Expert, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), distance learning. Finished at 2009. UOC
- Studying Postgrade in Integral Security Management at University of Vic & Ised center. Distance learning.
- Studying Master in Oriental Asia: Japan Economic and Political Expert. Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Distance learning. UOC


- ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. BSI. 2014 (expected).
- CRISC of ISACA. License pending. 2014.
- CISM of ISACA. License 1323165. 2013.
- CISA of ISACA. License 13106956. 2013.
- Course of Information Security System Management based on UNE ISO IEC 27001:2005. 20 hours. Inteco. 2012.
- Course of Agile development. 4 hours. Inteco. 2012.
- Personal Data Privacy Course. 10 hours. Inteco. 2011.

- Course of Computer Law and Judicial Assessment. Udima. 2014.
- Spamina Cloud Email & Web Security Certified. Spamina . License 22102013-007. 2013.
- Actic Medium level certified. January 2012.
- Technical Professional: System Security (ePO4.5, VSE8.7i, HIPS7.0, FCPA). McAfee - From 2011 November 2nd until 2012 November 2nd.
- Technical certified in Professional Services of ePO, VirusScan & SCM Appliance. McAfee - From 2007 May until 2008 May.
- Technical Professional: Messaging and Web Security. McAfee - From 2007 April 10th until 2008 April 10th.
- Technical Professional: System Security. McAfee - From 2007 April 3rd until 2008 april 3rd.
- Technical certified in Professional Services. McAfee - From 2005 April 14th until 2007 March 1st.
- Secure Content Manager Technical Professional. McAfee - From 2005 February 18th until 2006 February 18th.
- System Security Technical Professional. McAfee - From 2005 January 14th until 2006 January 14th.

- Personal Excellence Superior Program. 200 hours. E-logos & Universidad de Nebrija. 2012.
- Introduction to Coaching. 25 hours. UOC. Barcelona. 2011.
- Communication techniques I & II. 25 & 20 hours. FORCEM. Barcelona. 2011.

- Instrumental techniques applied (IH review). 10 hours. Red Cross. Barcelona. 2013.
- Management and assistance to victims in multiple NBC situation. Merck laboratories. 2012.
- Basic Occupational Health Technician. 60 hours. FORCEM. Barcelona. 2011.
- Basic Life Support and Semiautomatic External Defibrillation Course. 6 hours. Subzero, validated by Semicyuc & IES (license 28515). September 2011.
- Inmediate Healthcare (IH) Diploma level II. 50 hours. Red Cross. Barcelona. February 2010.

- Mares Lab technichal Advanced level. License Nº HS-A-1301157.
- Scuba diver CMAS*** - CMAS/FECDAS with the following specialties:

  • BLS. License SVB/0900359.
  • Nitrox. License NITB/0900243.
  • Oxygen administration. License AO/0903329.
  • Search & Rescues. License SR/0900107.
  • Deep Diver. License BPR/0900184.

- Fire Awareness Course. Chubb Parsi. December 2013.
- ASITF & BSITF II certified. UN-DSS. May 2013.
- Special driving course - Level I. AiP. April 2009.


- Grade PL-4 of Kyusho granted by (Kyusho International ®). Certificate #0064. Ronchi dei Legionari (Italy), february 2014.
- 4th Dan of Kyusho Jutsu by Kyusho Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai. Certificate 00018. February 2014.
- 2nd Dan of Ninpo Buguei (E.P.F.A.). Granada, April 2006.
- 2nd Dan of Police Personal Defense. (F.A.L.M.A.). Granada, April 2006.
- 1st Dan of Ninpo Kito Ryu (Ninpo Kan Dojo Association). Barcelona, February 2001.
- Medieval fencing instructor. ACEA Hall (Barcelona). From 2004 until 2007.

- Spanish Regional Manager of Kyusho International from 2009 until 2012 (Since it was created until this role dissappeared).

- Self-Defense & Communication Systems instructor of private security. 14.364 Spain Home Office license. February 2010.
- KTCP (Kyusho Tactical Control Program) Instructor grade PL-1. February 2014.
- Martial Arts / Ninpo Buguei Instructor. (F.A.L.M.A.). April 2006.

- Recognition as Researcher for the difusion and practice of Kyusho at year 2013 granted by Kyusho International®.
- Recognition as Ambassaador for the difusion and practice of Kyusho at year 2010 granted by Kyusho International®.
-Recognition to Dedication for the difusion and practice of Kyusho at year 2008 granted by Kyusho International®.

- Overall winner of the ACEA summer duels of one and a half sword. 2008 in Barberá de la Conca.

- Therapist level 2 of the Kyusho International Health & Wellness program. License KHW0004. Lisboa (Portugal). November 2011.
- Reiki Usui therapist. Level 3.

- Teaching Martial arts since 1999.


- Catalan, native language. High proficiency spoken, read and written. Level C.
- Spanish. secondary native language. High proficiency spoken, read and written.
- English. Eight years of study in schools. High proficiency spoken, read and written.
- Japanese. Average domain spoken, basic reading and writing. Noken Yonkyu level (2006).


Working with direct connection to the Internet since 1998, directly related to computer security since 2002. Having conducted services related to Computer Security, from 2003 to 2007:

    • Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.
    • Ajuntament de Canovelles.
    • Ajuntament de Reus.
    • Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza.
    • Consejo de Estado.
    • Departamento de Agricultura y Pesca de la Junta de Andalucía.
    • CTTI (Generalitat de Catalunya).
    • Gestió Tributària de la Diputació de Barcelona.
    • Institut Municipal d'Informàtica de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.
    • Servei Català de la Salut.
  • BANK
    • Caixa Girona.
    • Caixa Sabadell.
    • Caixa Terrassa
    • Caja Caminos.
    • Caja Canarias.
    • Caja Jaén.
    • Caja Múrcia.
    • La Caixa.
    • Barcelona Serveis Municipals S.A.
    • Cámara de Comercio de Madrid.
    • Cementos Molins.
    • Cementos Uniland.
    • CobreLasCruces S.L.
    • Cofaran.
    • Editorial Aranzadi.
    • Euromadi.
    • Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i Innovació.
    • Grupo Orona.
    • Grupo Select ETT.
    • Grupo Simon.
    • Grupo Winterthur.
    • Hospital Universitari de Sant Pau.
    • Il·lustre Col·legi d'Advocats de Barcelona.
    • Institut Universitari Dexeus.
    • Mercabarna.
    • Nacional Motor.
    • Nacional Suiza Seguros.
    • NH-Hoteles.
    • Ràdio i Televisió Valenciana.
    • Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona.
    • Sevip S.A.
    • Transportes Azkar.
    • Turismo en Galícia - Turgalicia.
    • Universitat de València.
    • Zurich Seguros.

- Tech Court Expert Witness, member #111. ACPJT. 2013.
- Computer Court Expert Witness. Member 195 of ANTPJI. 2012.
- Member of the Security team of the IMI of the city council of Barcelona, under the guidance of Neus Bellavista, who won the SiC 2011 prize of Securmatica. 2011 April.
- Member of the Computer Security Office of the IMI of the city council of Barcelona from December 2007 until June 2011.
- Having worked in projects like XCAT3.0, CTTI, SABA, ...


My Linkedin.
My Kiva profile.
My Scribd profile.


- Administrator of Xaviervila.net.
- Administrator of Scuba.cat.
- Co-administrator of Kyusho España.
- President and founder member of the A.C.D. Kyusho España association (2006).
- Founder member of the Barcelona Training Hall. (A.C.E.A) (2004)
- Member of Mensa Spain.
- Responsible of news & translations of PPI Coreteam from February to April of 2010.

- Translator of several e-books from English to Spanish.(Kyusho H&W, KTCP, Hohan Noken Secret Notes).
- Has participated in the documentary Indignados. Program broadcasted in Internet 2011, November 4th.
- Has participated in the TV3 program Latituds - "Ciberactivistes". Program broadcasted for the first time 2011, May the 29th.
- Has participated in the TV3 program Karakia "Més enllà de Gaudí - 2". For the tea ceremony realized by the master Reiko Ishimatsu. Program broadcasted for the first time 2002, September the 24th.
- Collaborated on a radio program, 'Temps Lliure' in Radio Gràcia, local radio of Barcelona, ​​for just over a year in the mid-90s.

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